Shipping Policy

We use a “Flat Rate” shipping structure. By that we mean that the shipping amount is based on the cost of the invoice. Over the years we’ve found that in most cases what you pay for shipping is really close to the actual shipping cost. If for some reason our cost for shipping is larger than the “Flat Rate” we eat the extra cost.

On occasion we find that we are able to ship something to you at a significantly lower cost than the “Flat Rate”. In this case we will adjust your cost downward and adjust the credit card cost as well. You will never pay more than the “Flat Rate” amount.

We use both UPS & the United States Postal Service for all of our shipping. If your order is shipped USPS it generally is sent Priority Mail. A tracking number are always e-mailed via our WEB Site.

Invoice AmountShipping Amount
Under $25.00$7.50
$25.01 to $50.00$16.00
$50.01 to $115.00$19.00
$115.01 to 230.00$29.00
$230.01 to $350.00$45.00
Over $350.01$20.00