Ultimate Flight Stand Instructions


Please read these instructions!!!

To really enjoy this FLIGHT STAND we encourage you to read these instructions for opening and closing your stand. Before disassembly to apply finish, PRACTICE opening and closing the stand. Not only will you find this less frustrating, you will really impress your flying buddies if you can do it smoothly. In addition, before disassembly we recommend taking some pictures so that the reassembly procedure goes smoothly.


  1. Stand next to the side of the stand with the top tray on your right side.
  2. Spread the legs of the stand about 12” apart.
  3. Slowly flip the top tray up to the left side ( 9 o’clock position).
  4. Unlock the bottom tray and lock the tray into the bottom slat (you may have to pick up the top tray slightly to relieve the tension).
  5. Screw in the thumbscrews on the uprights.


  1. Be sure the cradles are fully closed.
  2. Loosen the thumbscrews until flush with the uprights.
  3. Stand next to the side of the stand with the top tray to left. Pick up the bottom tray and lock it into the closed position.
  4. Move the side of the frame with the top tray closer to the other frame.
  5. Slowly flip the tray over to the other side while pushing the uprights with your finger tips. THIS IS THE TOUGHEST STEP. DO IT SLOWLY WITH THE LEGS OF THE STAND ABOUT 12” APART.
  6. Pull the stand toward you and it will close.
  7. When transporting your closed stand remember to NEVER pick it up by the cradles.


All silver hardware can be removed for easier finishing of the major parts (2 trays, 2 leg frames, 2 Uprights and the 4 L-brackets).

Finish with clear polyurethane finish. (Maple does not take stain very well, and we do not recommend stain.) The foam pads are available as a set should you need replacements because of wear. If you have problems, just let us know.

NOTE: Should you have shipping damage, please contact us and NOT the shipping company!!!